Launching your

eCommerce store is easy.

Growing it is hard.

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Succeeding at direct-to-consumer (D2C) eCommerce is all about finding growth drivers and executing them at scale


Data is your friend. Connect all your data sources.


15 MIN


Monitor dashboards. Discover risks and opportunities. 


60 MIN


Receive specific recommendations on what steps to take. 


24 HRS


Act on it. 
Track the results.
See the impact!



Integrates seamlessly with your current eCommerce store


Hundreds of visitors per hour 

Thousands of transactions per day

Millions of data points per month

Data can be your biggest strength or your greatest weakness. Bring together data from all your sources – D2C eCommerce store, marketplaces, advertising platforms, marketing tools, payment and logistics partners, CRM platforms and more. 

Leverage the power of AI to harness the data.

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Don't get blindsided by lack of insights into your business

Keep a finger on the pulse at all times. Learn how your key metrics are performing. 

  • Average order value

  • Add to cart ratio

  • Abandonment ratio

  • Conversion ratio

  • Revenue

  • Return on ad spends

  • Cost per acquisition

  • Ad spends

  • Traffic and more...

Know what's working and what's not, in real time. 

You only get so many opportunities

Act decisively and quickly

Forget intuition and gut feel. Rely upon recommendations from the AI engine to guide you on what actions to take that will have the maximum revenue impact in the shortest time.

Let your decisions be driven by data and insights.


Grow your eCommerce business with our Growth Platform

It's a science and an art

100+ Stores

We bring in-depth sector specific expertise and extensive eCommerce domain knowledge.

100 Mn+ Sessions

Our AI engine is continuously learning and improving by processing millions of transactions every day. 

Growth DNA

Our commitment to driving GMV growth is embedded in our DNA. That is why customers choose to work with us. 

“Our eCommerce store revenue had plateaued for the last six months. We were looking for a partner with a focus on growth who could help us scale our revenue. After onboarding Shoptimize, our revenue increased by 2x in two months with a 7x return on investment."

Leading footwear brand

Introducing Shoptimize Accelerator

City from Below

An exclusive 'by invite only' program for high performing consumer brands

This festive season, Shoptimize will partner with select brands to help them achieve exponential revenue growth.

  • This program is open to brands that are active on marketplaces like Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa, Flipkart

  • Selection will be done on the basis of a curation and evaluation process

  • The partnership will be through a revenue sharing commercial model

  • Program benefits include:

    • Growth Strategy​

    • AI Engine

    • Digital Marketing Support

    • Ad Spends

Shoptimize Accelerator program brands have seen 400% annualized growth!

Growth stories

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In their shoes

A vegan shoe brand with a niche audience increased repeat users by 99.8% in 1 month

success-story-cards-apparel (1).jpg

Trick up the sleeve

An apparel brand with dipping sales saved over $1000 in ad spends and yet sold out its collection

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Sweet success

A traditional sweets and snacks brand improved their conversion rate by 127% in 48 hours flat

Leading brands trust us

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AI driven intelligence

Fastest time to value

Access on the go

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